Prof. Barzin Mobasher
Arizona State University, USA

Serviceability Based Design of Shotcrete with Fiber Reinforced Concrete

Prof. Renan Pícolo Salvador
University of São Judas Tadeu, Brazil

Cement-accelerator interaction and its influence on the development of mechanical strength of sprayed concrete

Prof. Antonio Domingues de Figueiredo
University of São Paulo, Brazil

Integrated approach to the control of fiber reinforced shotcrete

Prof. Kyong-Ku YUN
Kangwon National University, S. Korea

Applications of cellular sprayed concrete with natural fiber

Tom Melbye 
Member of the Board of Directors – Normet Group, Finland

Sustainable solution for sprayed concrete in underground projects – A Holistic approach

Pierre Rossi
Civil Engineering Consultant, France

Design of structural Fiber Reinforced Shotcrete: French practice Today and Tomorrow

Alun Thomas
All2plan Consulting, Denmark

Improving the sustainability of Sprayed Concrete Lined tunnels

Stuart Manning
Technical Director, Shotcrete Services Ltd – Wealden Concrete Ltd, UK

Low carbon shotcrete

Juan Alvarado
Technical Manager – Bekaert South America

Evaluation of mesh and fiber reinforced sprayed concrete behavior and its impact on support system optimization and sustainability

Michael Mett
Head of Research & Quality Management – Dibit Messtechnik GmbH, Austria

State-of-the-art 3D Tunnel Inspection with Photogrammetric and Hybrid Scanning Systems

Silvia Vieira
R&D General Manager – Votorantim Cimentos, Brazil

Green cements as a tool to lower the ecological footprint of sprayed concrete

Roberto Dakuzaku
Technical Director – S. Takashima, Brazil

Experiences in sprayed concrete technological control in road and subway tunnels: a parallel with the current demands for technological control in mining tunnels

Marcello Congro
Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro and Tecgraf Institute/PUC-Rio, Brazil

Design of fiber-reinforced shotcrete for tunnel linings using ANN and numerical models

Prof. Luis Segura
Universidad de la República, Uruguay

Montevideo Test – A robust and simple test for Sprayed FRC characterization

Prof. Tarcísio B. Celestino
University of São Paulo, Brazil

Characteristics of sprayed concrete for optimum underground support

Cassio Luiz Abeid Moura
Director – Concreto Projetado do Brasil, Brazil

Practical aspects for the application of fiber reinforced shotcrete

Prof. Marc Jolin
Université Laval, Canada

Doing More and Doing Better with Fibre-Reinforced Shotcrete

Bruna Souza
Geotechnical Geologist – AngloGold Ashanti, Brazil

Application of Fiber Reinforced Shotcrete at Initial Squeezing Environments

Charles Hanskat
Executive and Technical Director, American Shotcrete Association, USA

ASA introduction to underground shotcrete

Welton Gomes
Geotechnical Engineer – AngloGold Ashanti, Brazil

Use of Mining Tailings to Produce Fiber Reinforced Shotcrete

Zander Pontes Ferreira
ZPF Consulting, Brazil

Reduction in the re-entry time at NEXA RESOURCES’ Vazante Zinc Mine Brazil through fiber reinforced shotcrete improvments

Ignacio Contreras
Sika – Business Development Manager Fibers LATAM, Chile

Shotcrete in mining, the contribution of additive and fiber technology for underground development

Enrique Vega-Leon
Tauri Engenharia, Brazil

Geospatial Technologies Applied on Underground Excavations and Structures

Lühan Arda Bayraktaroğlu
Kordsa, Turkey

Use of Synthetic Fibre Reinforced Shotcrete as Support System

Carlos de Sá Alves
Geomechanics and Geotechnics Coordinator – Ferbasa, Brazil

Use of microsilica in shotcrete for the Ipueira / FERBASA underground mine